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Среда, 05 февраля 2020 17:38

Music styles

music stylesДополнительный материал для 9 класса


Just made this video to show you 22 important styles of music!

● Jazz ● Hiphop ● Rock ● Folk ● Soul ● Electronic Dance (EDM) ● Blues ● Classical ● Reggae ● Gospel ● Country ● Musical ● World Music ● Disco ● March Music ● R&B ● Filmscore ● Latin ● Children's Music ● Funk ● Pop ● New Age ●

* Notice that some genres, which you probably think that are missing here, are considered as subgenres of a larger ''umbrella'' genre from this list. For example: 'Rock' includes many subgenres like 'Metal' and 'Punk', and 'Electronic Dance' includes subgenres like 'House' and 'Trance'.


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