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0:00 - t's Showtime! eat, drink, costume, show folks, forget, watch, not yet, What is Larry eating? turn around, touch the ground, prayers, turn off the lights, goodnight

0:00 - jacket, coat, shorts, hat, put on, take off, holiday; boat, summer, I'm wearing; It's raining cats and dogs!, so, go out to play, beginning with …
5:05 - socks, jeans, T-shirt, shoes, skirt, island, magic; Just for you! Don't worry! We're sailing away on a magic cruise!
9:40 - flowers, music, summer, autumn, winter, spring, sun; We're having lots of fun. We're playing in the sun; set sail, us, join, starfish, together, rhymes, get on board, wait, forever, talk.

0:00 - toy, teddy bear, toy soldier, ballerina, pink, shelf, on, under, in, toy box, his; find, What's the matter? I don't know. What about the teddy bear? doll; Toys for me! Toys for everyone! We're all having fun! Is it under the book?
5:16 - dark hair, nose, eyes, mouth, ears; feet, hands, toes, I haven't got … What am I? Touch (your eyes); Look in my toy box, He's wonderful! Is it your teddy bear? Don't be sad! What has Lulu got?
9:37 - fair hair, puppet, jack-in-the-box, big, small; roll up; fall off, yo-yo, there'll be, Has it got big eyes? What colour are its eyes?

0:00 - animal, fish, frog, bird, chimp, horse, swim, jump, sing, run, dance; drinks, Food's ready, What can a fish do? Just like this.
4:30 - climb, fly, boy, girl; out in the sun; Chuckles, where are you? There's Chuckles in the tree.
7:42 - clown, circus, magician, swing, funny; all day; of course, like this. Is it …?

0:00 - числительные от 1 до 10, birthday, candles, party, happy, sad, Happy Birthday (to you)!; today, surprise, up, down; Look at the cake. Count the candles. How many candles? What are they?
4:40 - burgers, chips, apples, bananas, sandwiches сhocolate, yummy. Give me more! My favourite food is chocolate!; cake, biscuit. That's what I like. Yes, please. What has he got?
7:52 - ice cream, pizza, milk, orange juice, chocolate cake; What's on the table?; to, from; Hurry, hurry. Here you are.

0:05 - tree house, chair, table, radio, bed, home. It's lovely. That's nice. There are lots of colours for you to see! For you and me! What's in your tree house, Masha?;
4:24 - garden, kitchen, bedroom, house, black, brown, he, she. Сome here!;
7:14 - living room, bathroom, bath, window, floor, door, clean, outside, chimney, as tall as can be, smoke.

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