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Модуль 2. My Birthday! / Yummy Chocolate! / My Favourite Food! (Spotlight-2, видео)

My Birthday! - учебник, стр. 44 - 47.

4a-4b - 0:00 - числительные от 1 до 10, birthday, candles, party, happy, sad, Happy Birthday (to you)!; today, surprise, up, down; Look at the cake. Count the candles. How many candles? What are they?

Yummy Chocolate! - учебник, стр. 48 - 51.

5a-5b - 4:40 - burgers, chips, apples, bananas, sandwiches сhocolate, yummy. Give me more! My favourite food is chocolate!; cake, biscuit. That's what I like. Yes, please. What has he got?

My Favourite Food! - учебник, стр. 52 - 55.

6a-6b - 7:52 - ice cream, pizza, milk, orange juice, chocolate cake; What's on the table?; to, from; Hurry, hurry. Here you are.


My Birthday! - 0:00 / Yummy Chocolate! - 4:40 / My Favourite Food! - 7:52.
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