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Модуль 4. My Toys! / She’s got blue eyes! / Teddy’s Wonderful! (Spotlight-2, видео)

My Toys! - учебник, стр. 80 - 83.

10a-10b - 0:00 - toy, teddy bear, toy soldier, ballerina, pink, shelf, on, under, in, toy box, his; find, What's the matter? I don't know. What about the teddy bear? doll; Toys for me! Toys for everyone! We're all having fun! Is it under the book?

She’s got blue eyes!- учебник, стр. 84 - 87.

11a-11b - 5:16 - dark hair, nose, eyes, mouth, ears; feet, hands, toes, I haven't got … What am I? Touch (your eyes); Look in my toy box, He's wonderful! Is it your teddy bear? Don't be sad! What has Lulu got?

Teddy’s Wonderful!- учебник, стр. 88 - 91.

12a-12b - 9:37 - fair hair, puppet, jack-in-the-box, big, small; roll up; fall off, yo-yo, there'll be, Has it got big eyes? What colour are its eyes?


My Toys! - 0:00 / She’s got blue eyes! - 5:16 / Teddy’s Wonderful! - 9:37.
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