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Модуль 5. My Holidays! / It's Windy! / A Magic Island! (Spotlight-2, видео)

My Holidays! - учебник, стр. 98 - 101. 

13a-13b - 0:00 - jacket, coat, shorts, hat, put on, take off, holiday; boat, summer, I'm wearing; It's raining cats and dogs!, so, go out to play, beginning with …

It's Windy! - учебник, стр. 102 - 105.

14a-14b - 5:05 - socks, jeans, T-shirt, shoes, skirt, island, magic; Just for you! Don't worry! We're sailing away on a magic cruise!

A Magic Island! - учебник, стр. 106 - 109.

15a-15b - 9:40 - flowers, music, summer, autumn, winter, spring, sun; We're having lots of fun. We're playing in the sun; set sail, us, join, starfish, together, rhymes, get on board, wait, forever, talk.


My Holidays! - 0:00. / It's Windy! - 5:05 / A Magic Island! - 9:40.
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